Keto And Mexican Food

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Keto and Mexican Food

 Usually when you think of Mexican food you immediately visualize high carbs foods such as burritos, tortillas, quesadillas and enchiladas. But that doesn’t mean you have to boycott Mexican food if you are following the ketogenic diet, as there are plenty of options that work without completely changing the cuisine.

 So what Mexican food is best to eat whilst watching carbohydrate intake?


 One of the most famous Mexican food staples is guacamole.This mainly avocado based dressing is highly nutritious and contains minimal carbs. Instead of having it with tortilla chips, try using cucumber sticks or jicama slices.

 You can also try a wide variety of soups and salads when eating or ordering a Mexican starter. Why not try the albóndigas soup which is, meatballs and vegetables thrown into a broth? Just make sure to avoid the versions of this dish that include rice.


Main Courses

 A really important part of authentic Mexican is seafood.There are hundreds of seafood dishes that usually involve the fish being cooked with, or covered in, a range of either red or green salsas. These dishes deliver a great lean protein hit, with next to no carbs.

 Mexicans love their meat. You can try a range of dishes that are heavy in meat and come with vegetables. For instance, with fajitas you can skip the tortilla wrap and gorge on delicious chicken and vegetables doused in a fajita spice mix. Or you could try carne asada (steak) and order it with arrange of salsas rather than fries.

 Once again there are a range of salads with can be consumed a main course. You could make a salad comprised of Mexican spiced chicken,bell peppers, onions, salad leaves, and parsley for a filling main course. If out at a restaurant you could order a tostada salad bowl (without the shell).



 Of course if you love the cuisine, the chances are you will love the accompanying selection of drinks. Some people cannot imagine eating Mexican food without having a margarita in their hand. The commercial versionsof this popular cocktail are often full of sugar.

 However, most places now offer sugar-free versions meaning they are back on the menu for those of us following the keto diet! If you aren't home you can make your own traditional version with tequila, lemon juice andtriple sec which will keep carbs down to under 8 grams per serving.


What Should I Avoid?

 You should avoid the big carb contributors such as:tortillas, tacos, taquitos, nachos, burritos, tamales, quesadillas, enchiladas, flautas, and chimichangas. If you love their fillings you can always ask for a“naked” version of the dish (without the carb-based element such as the tortilla wrap).

 This list is of course not exhaustive; you need to apply common sense when either reading a menu at a restaurant or cooking at home.

 When it comes to drinks the big one to avoid is Mexican beer which is jam-packed full of carbohydrates. When drinking spirits make sure toavoid sugary mixers, and stick to sugar-free soda or slim line tonic waters.



 So there you have it, you don’t have to scrub Mexican food off the menu just because you are following the ketogenic diet. If you makesensible food choices and avoid sugary cocktails and beers, you can have agreat evening in (or out) eating one of America’s most popular cuisines.  

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