Is There Any Benefit to Fasting While on The Keto Diet?

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Fasting has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade, and not without good reason. There are several health benefits to fasting, many of which can be enhanced by simultaneously following a ketogenic diet.

If your new to fasting, here are the main tenets of this increasingly prevalent trend.

What is Fasting?

Unlike keto, fasting is a not a diet as such. Instead, it’s a method intended to help you lose weight. In the place of regulating your carb intake, fasting limits when you can eat rather than what you can eat.

There are many different types of fasting, each has a slightly different method. The most popular of which is intermittent fasting.  

Intermittent Fasting

This is the most common form of fasting today. This limits your food intake to a certain “window” or time frame during the day. 16 hours of fasting is where most people start, usually restricting themselves to food in between the hours of 12 noon and 8 pm.

Many take this to an extreme, gradually reducing their window from 8 to 6 hours, before progressing to down to 4 hours and in some cases ending up at only 1 hour of eating per day.

Skipping Meals

Often a precursor to intermittent fasting, this is where an individual chooses a meal to skip in order to increase the amount of time the body spends without food.

A common place to start is by not eating breakfast on weekdays before heading into full blown intermittent fasting on a seven-day schedule.

Fasting On Alternative Days

Known the world over as the “5-2 Method”, this is the process by which fasters restrict their consumption on certain days of the week, whilst returning to normal levels on the remaining days.

Some people find the fasting days quite extreme as you are expected to only consume a maximum calorific intake of 600-800 calories. For that reason, some individuals start at 1500 calories before working down to 600 to ease themselves into the process.

Benefits of Fasting on Keto

Luckily fasting and keto go hand in hand, and combining them can dramatically improve the rate at which you can lose weight.

Here are some of the main benefits of following this diet and method simultaneously:

• Helps to get into Keto faster: Fasting helps deplete your glycogen stores quicker, allowing your body to turn to fat for fuel (ketosis) much quicker than when following Keto alone.

• Increases speed of weight loss: As eluded to above, fasting when combined with Keto increases the rate of weight loss. This is because you are likely to consume less calories when following a fast, and when combined with Keto’s fat-burning advantages, weight tends to shift much quicker.

• Increases mental clarity: Your brain functions incredibly well when running on ketones. Fasting acts as a double whammy since it releases more ketones on top of the ketones you’re already utilizing from your fat intake. Therefore, people following both together feel a reduction in brain fog and a boost in mental clarity as a result.


Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet complement each other nicely and can speed up your weight loss efforts by increasing your ketone production and reducing your calorific intake.

If you are already following a keto diet, then why not try to introduce some form of fasting to feel the benefits of combining the two?

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