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adjective Chemistry.of or derived from a ketone.
What are the Long Term Effects of the Ketogenic Diet?

What the short term effects of the ketogenic diet are well documented, there is a lot of debate about what the long term effects on staying on a low-carbohydrate diet could be. As the ketogenic diet challenges conventional nutritional advice, it’s no surprise that this is the case. So is it safe to stay on this diet longer term? What changes are you likely to notice? Let’s find out…

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Is There Any Benefit to Fasting While on The Keto Diet?

Fasting has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade, and not without good reason. There are several health benefits to fasting, many of which can be enhanced by simultaneously following a ketogenic diet. If your new to fasting, here are the main tenets of this increasingly prevalent trend.

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Keto And Mexican Food

So what Mexican food is best to eat whilst watching carbohydrate intake?

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Exercising at the Gym on a Ketogenic Diet

When starting out on a weight loss journey many individuals opt to go for the ketogenic diet. Since this greatly reduces carb intake and our bodies traditionally use carbohydrates to fuel exercise activities, people rightly wonder what their options are when they workout or go the gym.

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Can the Ketogenic Diet Reverse Diabetes Symptoms?

Diabetes is a disease that affects over 30 million Americans today. That’s almost 10% of its entire population, showing the urgency with which the problem needs to be tackled.

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